Bruce Buffer

Bruce Buffer Net Worth

July 24, 2023
Name Bruce Anthony Buffer
Bruce Buffer Net worth 12 Million
Age (2023). 66 Years
Nationality American
Salary $50,000-$100,000 per event
Last updated 2023

Bruce Anthony Buffer is the American mixed martial arts ring announcer who announces UFC events. He is also known as the “Veteran voice of the Octagon”. Bruce Buffer is known for his catchphrase ‘ITS’ TIME, which he uses before every UFC main event. Michael Buffer, the brother of Bruce Buffer, is one of most famous and highest-paid boxing and wrestling ring announcers in history. Together, they also run The Buffer Partnership. Bruce Buffer celebrated 25 years as an octagon announcement in UFC in 2021.

What will Bruce Buffer be worth in 2023?

Bruce Buffer, according to Celebrity Net Worth’s 2023 estimate of his net worth, will be $14 million.

Bruce Buffer’s Salary

Bruce Buffer is said to earn $50,000 for each fight and $100,000 per special event.

Bruce Buffer Endorsement

Bruce Buffer, along with his half-brother Michael Buffer, have formed their own business called The Buffer Partnership. This company is used to expand their business via licensing and public appearances. King and Bay is a company that sells men’s suits. He wears their suits when he appears in the octagon.

Bruce is also sponsored Fanduel. This gaming company offers products such as horse racing betting, daily fantasy sports and online casinos. Bruce is also affiliated with Puncher’s Chance Whiskey and is available in most states of the USA.

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*Last updated on 12th July 2023


Q. How much does Bruce Buffer get paid?

A. Bruce Buffer earns an estimated $50,000 for each UFC match and $100,000 for UFC special events.

A. Michael Buffer is richer than Bruce Buffer. His net worth is around $400 Million.

A. Bruce, on average, works 27 UFC events a year (12 PPV and 15 Fight Nights). He earns $1.2m for the 12 PPVs, or $100,000 per PPV. For the 15 Fight Nights he earns $750,000 and $50,00 per Fight Night.

Q. Does Bruce Buffer get paid per fight?

A. Bruce Buffer earns an estimated $50,000 per UFC match and $100,000 for UFC special events.

A. According to ESPN, Buffer’s suit was custom-made by King & Bay, and cost around $4,000 according to ESPN. Dana White, UFC president told ESPN: “Listen – catchy little f—ing stuff like that is not something I am really into.” But Buffer’s It’s Time,’ the way he delivers is incredible. It’s a thing.