Common Mistakes While Taking Protein powder

Common Mistakes While Taking Protein powder

August 27, 2021

Protein powder has become a no-brainer for gym enthusiastseven you can hear it in their conversation. This makes people get an idea that it is a supplement only for bodybuilders.

Yes! It is true that mostly gym goers take it for their faster muscle recovery and increasing protein intake in the body for strengthening. But by incorporating protein supplementsin the diet, people who do not workout can enjoy several health benefits when taken under dietician or a nutritionist.

Actually, protein is one of the most powerful macronutrients. With the greater power it has greater responsibility in our body that makes it the most needed macronutrient as well. So, always stay cautious how you are taking it and what are its sources. Though it is always best to get protein from natural sources, people are more interested in easy ways like supplements. Show most of them, especially gym enthusiasts, count on protein powder.

Using protein shake is becoming too common these days as it is very easy to increase protein intake with it.  Here are some common mistakes people make while having protein shake:

So far, we have busted a general myth whether it is only for gym goers or common people and of course you can’t replace the natural source of protein with supplements. Yet, people are interested in increasing their protein intake with protein powder and end up making some crazy mistakes and hurting their fitness goals.  Here are some of those mistakes you should avoid to a greater extent.

  • No proper training: Generally, beginners make such a mistake. They start taking the supplement way before their body needs an extra amount of nutrients. Actually, people should take supplements when they need more nutrients for particular fitness levels. But when you take supplements without using them in workout, they convert into stored fats or you may face digestive problems. You end up discontinuing the consumption of the supplements and can’t take your fitness journey to the next level. So, first you need to train hard for at least three months to analyse what your body actually needs. Only then jump to any supplement.
  • What suits you better: Every gym goer has an ideal in his mind. He wants to become like that idea. He trains, eats, behaves, even consumes supplements like that guy without having proper data about him. Maybe that guy is training for more than 15 years or having only boiled food, and many other factors that we hardly know. Everybody is different. It is possible that which protein suits you the most, it doesn’t suit your ideal guy. Maybe you are lactose intolerant but that guy is up to whey protein. The point is stop following any guy blindly. Just admire him, get inspired but find out your own way to be the best.

Is protein powder good for you?

  • It is all about timing: Most of us take care on the amount of supplement but completely ignore the timings. Actually, timing plays an important role. It determines whether you can reach your fitness goals or not. Choose your best time of taking supplements. If you want lean body mass, you need to take the supplements after your intense workout and increase the muscle recovery. But if you are in the bulk up fitness regime, you must take the protein for three times 1 hour before training, in between the training, and after the training. If you need your body to stay nourished while sleeping, take casein protein before going to bed. Of course, first ask your trainer.
  • Wrong window of having protein: It means taking two different sources of protein together that don’t match their property. Usually, beginners are keen to get the results faster so they make such mistakes like consuming eggs with a side of whey protein. This type of rush leads them to indigestion issues. So, it is always better to take protein from one source.


The diverse world of fitness demands different types of training, nutritions, the way of having them, and many others to get you the best results. Unless you don’t use protein powder, training and other factors to mould your fitness, you will reach nowhere. Some silly mistakes like these only hurt your fitness goals as well as your overall health. Avoid these mistakes and leverage your fitness level from today.

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