Etiquettes of Blowing a Cigar | What Would Make You Look Classier?
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Etiquettes of Blowing a Cigar | What Would Make You Look Classier?

October 8, 2021

Taking a break from the busy schedules of your life is always a good idea. It is always nice to have a place that you can enjoy for yourself having it feel like home. However, choosing a place for your relaxation that would specifically ease your mind up from all the stress of this noisy world is tricky.

If you are a cigar smoker, nothing could do you good but a cigar lounge that has clean fabric sofa or a leather couch that would really call you to lay back and forget all the noises that the world is creating to practice self-reflection, mindfulness and recharge yourself for you to go ‘world’ again later.

Blowing a cigar is one of the comforts that people often acquire when self-reflection is desired by the drainy work schedules. The blunt has the sensation to help people ease up, think straight, be steady and consistent in their lives. To top it off the sensation that comes from it has a certain sense of softness that smoothens the brain to the point where unnecessary thinking just calls for a break itself.

The emphasis of this article is the etiquette of one blowing a cigar that would make one look more focused, sensational and classy. Not everyone out there might prefer cigars or even a place where cigars are smoked. Preferences for a peaceful escape ask individuals to blow a cigar and momentarily live in a misty cloudy peace to process their thoughts.

As a good citizen, our duty calls for us to consider how we are cultivating happiness and doing our best to not cause anyone trouble. That being a whole other debate, let’s come back to the do’s and don’ts of blowing a cigar that can maintain or for better enhance the classiness in you that you may already contain.

Etiquettes of Blowing a Cigar – The Dos

  • Firstly and foremostly know where the cigar is coming from, it must be of a good quality because a cheap cigar would really cause you and the people around you damages that you might not be ready for. The best online cigar store that offers the most premium cigars for you must be considered to get a cigar from. Choose the flavour that might best suit your mood in the given time to enjoy it completely.
  • Light the cigar correctly. Cut it nicely, could be a straight cut, punch cut or a v-cut, without creating any mess. Light it up and see if it is not lit up unevenly. You can use a lighter, matches or a cedar spill. See if the cigar is lit evenly and without placing it directly under the flame. Take the first puff and let the sensation draw you towards the door of soothness.
  • If you have borrowed someone’s lighter or matches, be quicker than expected to return it to them.
  • Make sure you are not making someone feel uncomfortable with your energy. You are expected to welcome the newcomers and smokers and guide them with your expertise.
  • When you witness a big gathering it is expected of you to ask them to join. Strangers might find it very unpleasing if you join them without giving them a heads up or atleast a bit of a background about yourself. You must know how to introduce yourself to a stranger, a good introduction might always serve one right. Social gatherings are important in cigar circles.
  • Make sure you keep yourself clean while you are on puffing. The remains of the smoke must not spoil your clothes. Keep an ashtray close.
  • Lastly keep yourself rested. You are here to enjoy the aura and ease up your mind. Any minor inconveniences or disruptions by the people sitting around you must not spoil your mood. Be casual but classy about your leisure time.

Etiquettes of Blowing a Cigar – The Don’ts

  • Do not blow the cigar in peoples face. The smoke must always either go upward or sideways where there are no people sitting at all. Try to sit and smoke in an area which is most likely very spacious and open to the environment.
  • Don’t go in search of or borrow a cigar from anyone. Try to bring your own cigar. As personal as an experience of smoking a cigar is, people also get uncomfortable when you ask them for a cigar. You never know how someone might take a casual request. If you like the thought of someone else’s cigar just openly discuss it with how to choose a cigar.
  • Don’t try to ask someone if they smoke or not. This could be considered one of the most disrespectful questions to ask to someone, be that your friend or a stranger you’re hanging with. Unless they are confident and are willingly open about themselves.
  • Try not to smash the cigar in an ashtray when you have finished smoking it. This could be considered one of the most messy ways to go by enjoying a cigar. Try to dump the ashtray clean when you are done and are ready to leave. This would mark an appropriate manner.
  • Lastly, do not judge people by their choice of cigars. Just like people have different perspectives and opinions about certain courses of life, their choices of cigar may also differ. Do not think of your choice of cigar to be one of the elitist or even shallowest. Some people might develop a taste for Top 10 strong cigars. Or some might develop a taste for The Top 12 Best Selling Mild Cigars.

Cigar smoker | A Supreme and Classy Living

Smoking a cigar generally gives a notion of a person containing a supreme class. Usually cigar smokers are said to be seen as wealthy, powerful and superior beings even if that might not be the case. Cigar is just a preference over other tobacco supplies. However, since their extravagance is a general notion of the audience, living by it would not hurt anyone. Cigar smokers really just want to sit and enjoy the pleasant environment and relax with every puff that they have decidedly inhaled.