Get an Idea of How Aprima EMR Works Before Purchasing!

Get an Idea of How Aprima EMR Works Before Purchasing!

October 27, 2021

As a healthcare practice owner, it’s time to seriously look at all the ways you can save money on labour and save time with your electronic health records. One way is to utilize Aprima EMR or Aprima Enterprise Remote Management. This is different from some other EMR packages because it allows you to stream data from any of your devices, such as tablets, laptops, smartphones, and more, directly to your desktop or laptop. This includes information from iPhones, iPads, Nintendo electronics, and any other type of electronic device that runs on Windows XP, Vista, or 7.

No matter what device the patient uses to complete their care-as-they-travel or are in the office, this is money-saving time and reduces stress.

When utilizing Aprima EMR, the practice has access to patient medical information as it occurs without interruption. The software allows you to access notes, see who is responsible for certain tasks, create appointment notes, add and modify appointments, and much more. The use of these EMR solutions also reduces the need for staff to enter patient information manually. These data entry errors can occur when data doesn’t travel fast enough between devices. In addition, using Aprima EMR allows the practice to monitor patient care and manage the practice’s overall business with greater efficiency. By providing the patient with this seamless flow of information, the practice can manage multiple environments simultaneously, saving time and money by not having to have information available locally.

EMR: Create, modify and view notes from anywhere. There is no need to be in front of your computer at any given time, and if there is time, you can get connected via your mobile device or the internet. When viewing the charts, graphs and codes, you can move your mouse over one element to see another element. That’s just one way you can view and edit your notes from any location at any time. If you move your mouse to the next element, the previous one will disappear and reappear. This way, you can access your notes whenever you want or need them, even if you are on the road or travelling abroad.

Efficient scheduling: One of the primary reasons physicians choose Aprima EMR for their practice is its scheduling features. Every health care professional desires the ability to schedule patients with minimal effort. With Aprima EMR, a physician can create an appointment using one touch screen interface. With this uniquely powerful solution, each appointment can have its unique due date and time, allowing patients to keep track of their appointments. The doctor can create custom rules that ensure appointments are always filled and never overdue using the scheduler.

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No More Paper: Saving time and money in the office is essential, especially for many patients’ practices. Using the AVRT system, a physician can generate a patient invoice from anywhere. It is as simple as logging on, selecting a template and submitting it. You can send the generated bill directly to a client, improve billing compliance and streamline the billing process at the same time. A physician can have more time to meet with patients, take phone calls, meet with other physicians, and do other important office tasks.

Efficient Billing: As mentioned, saving time is critical for a successful practice. Another way Aprima EMR eliminates waste is by reducing the paper bill cycle. A full suite of Aprima EMR solutions includes a patient and physician portal; full database of health information; intelligent order entry and billing; patient reminders; appointment and patient calendar reminder; insurance and Medicare verification; patient education modules; patient education module; patient mailings and direct mailing services; patient recall; appointment reminders; and more. Not every practice has all the bells and whistles. Some practices want to reduce the number of transactions per day, while others want to process everything quickly. Regardless of why a practice handles business this way, they can all use the speed and efficiency of Aprima EMR solutions to help grow their business.

Create Preview: Aprima EMR allows a practice to create a preview of the electronic medical software solution. A practice can view the layout of the new setup and any added modules. This gives them a preview of the result before committing to purchase the full version. If a practice wants to get an idea of the capabilities without purchasing the full version, this preview version is a great way to test the waters without buying.

Save Money: Using Aprima EMR, a practice can save several thousand dollars per year. Many of the electronic health record systems are much more expensive than Aprima EMR. This tool only takes a few minutes to install and a few hours to set up. There is no downtime with this system. It is completely up and running, serving a practice right away, even before the demo version of Aprima EMR becomes available.