Knowing About 11th And 12th Commerce Stream Syllabuses

Knowing About 11th And 12th Commerce Stream Syllabuses

October 8, 2020

Choosing which stream to go for after 10th is utmost important. Wherever your inclination is, be it Science, Commerce or Arts, make sure it is your choice as it decides the future and career for yourself.  Commerce is a stream that focuses more on topics related to business and finance, economy, trading etc.  Commerce does play a vital role in today’s technology era as somehow everything sums up to be under the commerce field.

So here we will discuss what all students would be made to learn in their CBSE 11th and CBSE 12th Commerce Classes. This article will provide all details regarding the Commerce stream and how it would prove to be the best decision taken by you.

Subjects For Commerce Students

Commerce in layman language is a trade and exchange of goods from the manufacturer to the end customer. The process that follows involving trade practices, finances, economic values etc. are all covered in it. Here are the subjects that students have to learn in their Class 11th and CBSE 12th Commerce Classes.


The practice of having all business transactions, be it recording, allocating or outlining, is what Accountancy is. When all these information and data are recorded in a report for the companies or individual, that is known as Financial Accounting.   It is a mandatory subject in both classes. Accountancy concepts must be very clear as they form basses for other subjects as well.


Economics is the study of how there is optimum utilization of resources. The demand and supply management and how they are meant to satisfy people’s requirement is determined in this subject. Many Economic concepts and values would be learnt in 11th and 12th class.

Business Studies

Business Studies is again a vast subject covering the aspects of businesses organisation such as operation, strategy, marketing and organisation. Class 11 Business studies syllabus includes the overview of business studies, Finance and Trade and nature of the item in any organisation. Class 12 has Business Finance and Project work for students.

Statistics For Economics

There is a functional relationship between several economic theories that helps in comparison to various facts. This study is termed to be Statistics for Economics. It’s more of a practical subject with numbers, algebras and equations in place. It is quite interesting and scoring subject as well.


Commerce is a trade-based stream where all finances, aspects of the organisation are taken into consideration. So, in short, it is based on numbers. This is where Mathematics comes to play.

Informatics Practice

Nowadays, software and technology have taken over in businesses as well. So, it is important to understand software, networking and coding concepts. Yes, it is not a science-related subject that emphasizes on hardware but focuses more on networking concepts and software used by the organisation.

Final Note

It is crucial to have a good grasp of all the concepts and basics of Commerce stream. Be it 11th class Business Studies Syllabus or approaches to various Accountancy and Finance topics. Make sure you thoroughly understand and get a clarity of these in   11th and 12th class as they will form a strong base for the future.