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Magento 2 PWA – Maximizing Online Shoppers’ Satisfaction

May 12, 2021

Shoppers are those who decide the success of any Magento business. Bringing a better customer experience also increases sales revenues and higher market share. That’s why more and more merchants are converting their website to Magento 2 PWA.

To convince a consumer to purchase a product, it is not only the quality that decides but also the shopping experience.

With the same good, buyers would probably go to the store with a more attractive storefront and better performance.

However, improving the online website sounds rather technical and seems to be overwhelming for Magento store owners.

To simplify this issue, we will now take a quick look at Magento 2 PWA – the technology designed to redefine the shopping experience for online customers.

Online Shopping Experience Transformation


Our pace of life is always speeding up and we demand everything to serve instantly. The same mechanism works with the online store.

Statistics show that consumers will leave the site if the waiting time is more than 5 seconds.

Magento 2 Progressive Web Application supports merchants in meeting this requirement by optimizing the loading speed (x2 faster).

Less waiting time means customers can spend more time wandering in the online store and increase the chances of finding exactly what they need.

Easy installation

Customers can get the Magento PWA on their phones like any other native apps. It also appears with an icon badge and buyers can access it with a tap on that icon.

Compared with native apps, the PWA installation is easier and faster.

Another great thing about PWA for Magento 2 is the automatic updates just by refreshing the site. This process is less complicated than apps where it takes several steps for confirmation before the updates can finally begin.

Timely updates

By building a Magento 2 Progressive Web App, merchants can add an excellent app-like feature for their customers: Push notifications.

This function allows customers to update with any upcoming events in the shop and they will not miss any reminders of sales or promotion period.

Less dependence on the network connection

Preloaded data can now be viewed without a connection after PWA integration.

This function works best with those who constantly travel or rarely have a stable Internet connection. Consumers can load the pages they want to view in advance and then take time to process the information later.

In addition, customers can even create orders in offline mode without being worried about refilling the information after reconnection. All the data is recorded and later sent to merchants as soon as the device is reconnected with the Internet.

Better security

One problem with online shopping is hackers.

We love the convenience of online shopping but we are unaware of the presence of online shoplifters.

Being stolen of personal data, especially bank account information will lead both customers and merchants into serious trouble.

While the fault does not belong to the store owners, it still destroys the business’s image and reputation to some certain extent

By developing Magento 2 PWA, merchants can provide shoppers with better security shields. Buyers can now enjoy shopping without worrying about having private information leaked out.

Flexibility in devices using

With PWA stores, the contents and design are adjusted based on the screen size to deliver the best website performance regardless of the types of devices.

No matter what gadgets shoppers are viewing the Magento PWA store from, they will still have the best experience.

Solutions For Integrating PWA In Magento Websites

Magento PWA Studio

This is the only tool developed and supported by Magento. The site will get frequent updates and code conflicts should not be something that merchants worry about.

Some negative aspects of this solution include the unattractive storefront and missing Magento core features. Some extensions from the current website might not work after Progressive Web App development.

Also, merchants may need to pay a great amount of money for hiring developers for customization (design and function).

Magento PWA Theme

By far, this is the best solution for Magento Progressive Web App development. It avoids the weaknesses of the previously mentioned solution.

There is also a wide range of options for design in terms of colors, fonts, buttons, banners… Besides, the features already integrated into the themes could help decrease the cost of customizing functions.

Some PWA themes are also compatible with Magento extensions by default so the extensions from the original websites can continue to work well after PWA integration.

Some tips to get the best themes for the store is to choose the premium themes. The cost is a little high but worth the investment.

Also, select the themes built based on Magento PWA Studio to avoid unwanted code conflicts.

Magento PWA Extensions

This method gives firms the lowest cost to pay and the fastest time to complete.

However, good things don’t come in such an easy way.

Magento 2 PWA installed by extensions is reported to display unstable website performances and suffer from a lack of PWA features.

Custom PWA development

For the final solution, a plan would be specially designed by Magento PWA development company based on merchants’ requirements.

We need to note here that it is the most expensive method. The time it takes is also longer.

Magento PWA will open the door to the future of the online shopping 

Satisfying customers is the top priority mission of Magento stores. Apart from having good online customer service, on-time delivery,… the online website also needs to have the top quality.

To achieve this, integrating Magento 2 PWA is definitely one of the key steps.

With Magento PWA, customers can save their time on waiting, easily install and update the store and view the store in any conditions and on any gadgets. Merchants can protect their customers from some potential online thieves and deliver the best customer experience.

To get the best results, merchants also need to create a detailed plan and research for the reliable Magento PWA solution providers. Experience, expertise, past projects are some key criteria for choosing the right partner.

What is your opinion about this technology? Feel free to share with us your thoughts in the comment section!