Make Them Say ‘YES’ With These Unique valentines Day Proposal Ideas
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Make Them Say ‘YES’ With These Unique valentines Day Proposal Ideas

January 15, 2022


With Valentine’s Day 2022 the next big event on the calendar, there couldn’t be a better time to declare love. If you’ve already proposed or bought nice valentines gifts for wife or valentine gift for girlfriend, do give it a read because you might want to propose again to relive your best moments or to keep the love alive.

Planning is important because proposing to your significant other is a big deal. So before you buy the ring, you need to pull up your socks and up your game really strong. Here are some unique ideas that you can use before you tell those three magical words

Furry Love

If your significant other and you own a dog or cat, tie a ribbon to the ring on their collar. Either you can write on one of those chalkboards “Will you marry me?” on this. You can even design a pet sized t-shirt that pops the question. One of the best and cutest ideas to make them say yes.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Weather permitting, take your love to new heights with an intimate hot air balloon ride. As you take off, you will experience breathtaking views, creating a romantic mood with memories that will last a lifetime. Of course, this thrilling adventure is not recommended for those who like to stay grounded.

Using a Drone

If you or your partner love a little technology, attach the engagement ring to your quadcopter or drone (securely!) and fly it to you while you’re walking around with your partner. As his companion appears to be surprised by the drone until it reaches the distance. Then, remove the ring and pop the question.

Banner Proposal

If playing with words isn’t your thing, tell your girl or boy “I love you” and “Will you marry me?” Propose with a banner. displayed outside his house. This kind of proposal works perfectly fine for hardcore romantics. Avoid using his real name in the banner. You can use the name of the pet or the name of the love with which you normally prefer to address it.

Multiple Flower Delivery

Who doesn’t love a beautiful bouquet on Valentine’s Day? Take things up a notch by ordering flowers to be delivered throughout the day for this extra special occasion, which includes a note card that reads: “Will you marry me?”


Chocolate is literally synonymous with Valentine’s Day. Why not use something that is expected to bring the unexpected? Ask the chocolatier if they offer personalization, if not, use icing to accentuate the hearty offer on top of the chocolate. Trust us, nothing is sweeter.

Surprise Party

Some people like to avoid the clichés and silliness of Valentine’s Day—and that’s okay. Instead of celebrating the holiday, why not turn February 14 into a huge surprise party for your partner? Explain how your friends and family wanted to celebrate your love for each other by telling them, “We had to surprise someone, right?”

Say It With A Song

If you are musically inclined, why not harness your talent and propose with a song? Songs can be tailored to suit individual aspects of your life. You can include cute jokes that only the two of you will understand, making it an instant favorite to add to their romantic playlist.

Bake Together

Nothing says “I love you” more than stepping out of your comfort zone. And sometimes, that can mean cooking a romantic dinner. With thousands of cookbooks and YouTube How-To videos at your disposal, cooking your partner’s favorite meal is a thoughtful way to show them the leap you’ve wanted to take to please them.

Plan a Romantic Day Trip

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to take a work break and plan a romantic getaway for the two of you. It could also be the perfect romantic backdrop for the moment she’s been waiting for. Think about views of nearby places where you might propose. Maybe it’s on a sailboat, in a quieter part of the park, or inside your local garden. If you really want to treat her/him like royalty, fly to a romantic destination.

We wish you all the best with your proposal. Make sure he/she says yes. Plan well!