NCB’s Pioneering Vision: Building Tomorrow’s Landmarks Today
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NCB’s Pioneering Vision: Building Tomorrow’s Landmarks Today

September 25, 2023

They craft the future doesn’t merely construct buildings; NCB Developments Leading the realm of real estate, they’ve beautifully blended their architectural genius across diverse sectors, NCB Developments Projects are ranging from administrative and educational avenues to advanced healthcare and sprawling malls. NCB Group vast imprint can be felt not just in Egypt but extends to the Gulf as well.

NCB Group’s remarkable EGP 5 billion portfolio tells a story of innovation and foresight. From spearheading key landmarks in the New Capital, such as the Egyptian Intelligence Compound and the acclaimed Cambridge School of Egypt, to breathing life into the vibrant R5 district and the Latin District in the blossoming New Alamein City.

NCB Developments Projects’ philosophy transcends bricks and mortar. Their dedication to choosing strategic locations amplifies the value of every project, and their stamp of excellence graces Egypt’s most coveted locations, from the bustling urban centers of New Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, and the 6th of October to the tranquil beauty of the Red Sea and the North Coast. With NCB Group at the helm, the skyline promises to be a testament to progress, vision, and unparalleled elegance.

Experience Luxury at Valencia Valley with NCB Developments: Exceptional Value Meets Elegant Living

Nestled in the heart of the prestigious Fifth Settlement, Valencia Valley Compound offers an elite residential experience that truly stands out in the bustling Egyptian real estate market. Imagine a place where more than 77% of the landscape is adorned with verdant green spaces, seamlessly interwoven with essential and recreational amenities. This green paradise, designed by NCB Developments – a luminary with a sterling reputation in the Egyptian property market, guarantees residents an ambiance of sheer perfection.

NCB Developments Offers an Attractive Pricing Breakdown for Valencia Valley, New Cairo:

  • Price per meter of Units start at an enticing rate of EGP 21,500.

Flexible Payment Plans Tailored for You: Thanks to NCB Developments’ vast expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction, Valencia Valley New Cairo has rolled out over 18 tailored installment systems, ensuring there’s a perfect plan for every prospective buyer. Here’s a glimpse of some standout offerings of NCB Developments:

  • 0% down payment with interest-free installments spread over 4 years.
  • Pay 10% upfront, and enjoy a 10% discount on equated installments over 4 years.
  • Your down payment can be up to 15% and grab a 15% reduction with similar 4-year installments.
  • With a 20% down payment, two options emerge: a 18% discount over 4-year terms or a 10% discount with a 5-year payment period.

Bonus for Cash Payers! For those who prefer a one-time payment, NCB Developments offers an irresistible cash discount reaching up to 30%. If you are ready for a New Beginning with NCB Developments it gives you a promise to handover your unit within a span of 3 years, Valencia Valley is not just an investment, but a commitment to a new echelon of living. By Booking your space now with NCB Developments, you can bask in luxury that has a unique French flair, only at Valencia Valley New Cairo.

Unlock Your Future Wealth with NCB Developments: Inno View Mall’s Irresistible Prices and Payment Plans

Investing in real estate has never been so tempting. NCB Developments is setting new standards for affordable and competitive investment opportunities in Egypt’s Administrative Capital with its project: the Inno View Mall.

Why Inno View Mall?

  1. Competitive Pricing: NCB Developments aims to ensure that all customers have the opportunity to invest and realize the wealth they have always sought.
  2. Diverse Offerings: Prices for office spaces start from EGP 1,066,065. Retail shops in downtown Inno View begin at EGP 7,361,280. Additionally, there’s a mandatory-rent retail space on the first floor priced from EGP 4,047,000. Food court spaces on the second floor begin at EGP 3,669,280, and there’s even a gym starting from the third floor priced at EGP 3,210,620.

Panoramic View of Verity Business Tower

Easier Ownership & Investment with NCB Developments:

  1. Flexible Payment Systems: Recognizing the varied financial capabilities of its customers, NCB Developments offers multiple payment plans.
  2. Ideal Payment Scheme: With a down payment starting at just 10%, you can stagger the remaining amount over a span of 10 years – and here’s the kicker: it’s interest-free. In addition to this, there’s the option of mandatory rent, making it easier for clients to manage their installments.

This is more than just a real estate opportunity; NCB Developments hands you a chance to secure a prosperous future. Dive into the promising world of Inno View Mall in the New Administrative Capital, and be a part of Egypt’s next big commercial hub.

Invest Smartly in Verity Business Tower with NCB Developments Exclusive Offers Await

The New Capital’s Verity Business Tower is generating buzz in the real estate industry, and here’s why: NCB Developments Projects provide premium units combined with tantalizing offers to make it the hottest business hub to invest in.

NCB Developments Unveils diverse offerings at Verity Business Tower

Ground Floor Commercial Units: Buy your unit with a competitive price starting from 121,500 EGP per square meter.

First Floor Commercial Units: Priced from EGP 63,450 per square meter.

Second Floor Commercial Units: Beginning at EGP 76,950 per square meter.

Third & Fourth Floor Medical Units: Fully equipped with air conditioning, these are priced from EGP 24,000 per square meter.

Fifth to Eighth Floor Administrative Units: These fully-fitted units available for sale, complete with air conditioning, start from EGP 18,900 per square meter.