Psychometric skills testing and its value in recruitment

Psychometric Skills Testing and its Value in Recruitment

February 10, 2021

Skills testing offers a lot of value for recruiters. Those recruiters who continuously use skills tests hold it in high estimation as they understand it is an integral part of the recruitment process. Psychometric skills testing is one of the most widely used skills assessment test in recruitment agencies.

A psychometric test evaluates a candidate’s ability to execute different tasks, testing their knowledge, personality traits, and skills. Businesses want to hire skilled employees whose values align with the company culture.

Recruiters use psychometric skills test as it gives a better analysis of a candidate’s disposition and behavioural traits which are not easily discerned from interviews. It encourages recruiters to make better hiring decisions by using test results to inform their choices.

Provides Qualitative Insight

Psychometric skills testing offers an objective look into a candidate’s motivation, cognitive abilities, and critical thinking skills. Recruiters often find it restrictive to rely on CVs and interviews because they do not build a holistic picture of the jobseeker. Where CVs capture qualifications and interviews provide a platform to talk about career highlights and aspirations, it is challenging to form a genuine understanding of their abilities. Candidates sitting for a psychometric skills test will be assessed on behavioural traits

Benefits Bulk-Hiring

Candidate skills testing is hugely beneficial when recruiters are mass recruiting to fill certain roles. It is challenging to sift through thousands of CVs, interview chosen candidates and consider their fit for the role. Time is a huge constraint in such situations. Recruiters must develop a quick screening process. Implementing online skills testing cuts down the hiring process in half. Recruiters can send the test link to all the candidates at once who can then proceed to complete the test in less than half an hour.

Psychometric testing applies to a broad spectrum of roles and necessary skills. Recruiters can test hundreds of candidates at once, confident that the tests can quickly and accurately assess all candidates.

Prevents Wrong Hiring Decisions

It’s quite common for jobseekers to inflate their skills and abilities to pad up their CVs. Recruiters will not be able to discover if this is the case just by interviewing such candidates. It is important to evaluate not just the skills directly related to the role but also assess personality traits. A skilled candidate can still be a mistake if they have the wrong attitude. The new employee must suit the present working conditions and company culture.

Having applicants’ sit for skills testing prevents recruiters from making wrong hiring decisions. Psychometric tests evaluate the working style favoured by the applicant and recruiters can consider whether it is suitable for the role and the hiring company’s culture.

Distinguishes Appropriate Candidates

Recruiters often receive massive amounts of applications with similar qualifications and career history. It becomes quite a task to narrow down the candidate list. Psychometric skills assessments help filter candidates by testing on-the-job performance. The test involves a series of statements depicting plausible scenarios at work. Results from the test help recruiters comprehend how a candidate’s potential to perform at the job.