Beginner’s Guide To Web Host Manager (WHM)

If you are planning to purchase hosting solutions and start your Web Hosting Reseller business, you must use some convenient administrative tools to manage your business’s Reseller Hosting account. Even though you are not responsible for huge server or hardware management or maintenance tasks, your responsibility lies in efficiently handling your business, managing client accounts, and avoiding any complications.

Popular administrative tools like WHM (Web Host Manager) make account handling and other tasks easy. In this article, we will learn more about the tool WHM, its use, and its benefits.

What is a Web Host Manager (WHM)?

A Web Host Manager (WHM) is an administrative tool or a control panel that is designed to offer comprehensive support to web hosts and resellers. A Reseller Host is someone who provides hosting services to their customers after buying them from a parent hosting provider.

WHM provides administrative features to resellers on a larger scale. It is optimized specifically to help hosts and resellers manage their reselling and their customer’s accounts. WHM provides features and interface similar to cPanel but manages and controls the client’s reseller account and the reseller’s server.

With just a single mouse click, it helps resellers manage essential aspects of their customer’s accounts. It also enables Resellers to edit and create hosting packages and manage Domain Name System (DNS) and SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates.

Benefits of using WHM for your Reseller Hosting business

If you plan to be a Reseller Host, you need to consider a Web Host Manager (WHM) to manage your client’s account without much hassle. Let us see the several benefits offered by WHM to resellers:

Ability to create your own hosting packages

WHM provides the ability to create and design your own custom Hosting Reseller plans and packages, which is its biggest advantage of all. Not every client or customer of yours will have the same hosting requirements or the same business types. Every customer comes with a unique budget and unique requirements suitable for their business.

This is why you must incorporate tiered pricing in your hosting plans to provide affordable hosting solutions with amazing features. To do so, go to your WHM account and then to Packages > Add a package and fill out the respective form to get started.

The Algebra of web hosting services

Ability to generate individual cPanel accounts

You can generate cPanel accounts for your customers by going to Account Functions > Create a new account. In order to provide some autonomy to your customer over their website’s management and maintenance, WHM provides a great management interface.

Having individual customer accounts also simplifies server-oriented administration, such as file organization along with data backup. This feature also keeps you ahead of your competitors and other reseller hosts.

Ability to access comprehensive account support

When you use the WHM platform, it provides you with extensive account support. Downtimes affect your customer’s websites affecting their business’s reliability, sales, and SEO performance. With WHM, you can provide backup and other support to your customers with ease.

Summing Up

Whether you are planning to start your Reseller Hosting business or are already running it, Web Host Manager can significantly reduce your efforts and help you manage and control your server and your customer’s account with ease. In addition, many leading and best Hosting Reseller companies provide WHM with their Linux Reseller Hosting plans. So choose WHM for your business today and enjoy its benefits for your business and your customers.