The Ultimate Guide to Learn to Live an Event

September 14, 2020

Live video has gone the way of life from a strategy for event marketing. But we are also alive in a time of unprecedented access to content. To cut through brand noise – be it through events or video content – the quality must be superb. Whether you are an experienced supporter or just getting started, The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming Event Video Live Streaming has plenty of ways to help you improve your live video strategy and execution.

Many brands and publishers are already using various methods to bring their events out of traditional events and conventions:

A behind the scenes video for loyal fans and viewers.

Direct interaction with Q & As and customers or social audiences.

Special product announcements or launches.

Influencer participation where a brand facilitates a guest speaker on the stream.”Live video is the best way to humanize your brand,” says Abigail Swire, influencer marketing manager for social media and “As an e-commerce company, most people think that we are robots or foreigners, but we are real human beings, right here in Houston.

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Customers are able to see human faces whenever we are able to screen them. Who we are and we know stuff. ”

Why Live Streaming Events Matter More Than Ever

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Live streaming is an asset to be an important and necessary part of any communication and go-to-market strategy. Brands will live-stream a diverse set of media formats, from 360-degree video to fully narrative live events. In the era of authenticity, viewers expect live video experiences. As we are seeing, “live” can apply to many kinds of ideas that we have never considered before.

We created this guide because we know that events and live streaming may be essential to your marketing strategy, that does not mean they are not easy. Almost everything about event planning and live video is challenging – especially if you’re doing it first!

Live Streaming Events to Connect Viewers Everywhere

Brands and organizations of all sizes want customers and employees around the world to share their exciting moments in real-time. So much, in fact, that these businesses are investing more than ever in live video, while 28% of marketers are spending more on live streaming video than in previous years.

As consumers want to watch more and more videos when they want and where they want, their expectations for live streaming will also change this way. In fact, a report found that 47% of live streaming viewers are watching more live videos than a year ago. Through live video, consumers can connect with brands in a more authentic, immediate, and intuitive way.

A Live Stream Event Guide for All Experience Levels

Understanding how live events can be streamed can be particularly challenging, especially if you are new to using live video for marketing. Whether you are a beginner or a video supporter, The Ultimate Guide to Live Streaming Events has something for everyone to improve live events.