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Tips To Prepare For Cbse Class 12 Exam

November 11, 2020

In the academic career of a student, CBSE Class 12 is considered as an important stage. It is counted as a turning point in a student’s life. At this stage, students are in tremendous pressure to excel in the exam which increases their stress and anxiety. The marks obtained in the Class 12 exam will help students to decide the goal of their career. Scoring outstanding marks in CBSE Class 12 exam will decide in which profession they want to pursue their career in future.

For Class 12 students, to attempt the exam with full confidence, they need to practice sample papers, previous year papers, important questions, etc. Along with it, they should also be thorough with their CBSE syllabus prescribed for Class 12 as the exam papers will be prepared accordingly. The key factors to score good marks in the Class 12 exam are working hard, focusing on important topics so that their hard work and efforts translate into better performance.

5 Tips To Prepare Efficiently For Class 12 Cbse Board Exam

Follow A Proper Schedule

Students should prepare a proper time-table before they start their exam preparation. They should allocate equal timing to all the subjects according to their respective stream. By maintaining a proper schedule students can give equal attention to each and every subject. It will help them to cover all the important aspects without skipping any important topics.

Follow The Prescribed Syllabus.

Students should stick to their respective CBSE Class 12 syllabus prescribed for Science, Commerce and Arts stream. CBSE Class 12 board exam paper will be based on the syllabus. So, it is beneficial for students to be thorough with their syllabus so that they can write the exam with full confidence.

Practice Sample Papers And Previous Year Question Papers

Students should make it a habit of practising sample papers and previous year papers regularly. Solving the previous year question papers will help them to get an overview of the exam pattern, weightage of marks, important questions, etc. Sample papers cover all the important topics which will help students while preparing for their board exam. Students should solve the previous year question papers and sample papers to track their preparation level and work on their weak points.

Follow The Prescribed Textbooks.

Cbse Class

Students should follow their prescribed NCERT textbooks for their respective streams. The textbook is prepared following the syllabus. It explains each and every concept thoroughly using suitable examples and activities. The language used in the textbook is easy to understand so that students can quickly grasp it. At the end of every chapter, the textbook provides exercise questions for students to practice.

Proper Study Materials.

Before they start their exam preparation, students should make sure that they have proper study materials. Proper study materials include sample papers, previous year papers, important questions, textbooks, etc. With the help of proper study materials students can excel in their CBSE Class 12 exam.

So, by following the tips mentioned above, students can outshine in the CBSE Class 12 exam. Students should make sure that they should stick to their CBSE syllabus for Class 12. The result of CBSE Class 12 board exam is the deciding factor for students’ future academic career.

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