What For Is Strattera Used? (Atomoxetine 10 mg)

January 30, 2019

The brand Strattera is used for the selling of the active substance Atomoxetine. The same formulation is also available under other names. If you want to buy Strattera cheap, you can find its generic version, i.e. a less advertised and promoted medication based on the same substance.

The formulation is used only for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults and children older than six years. The safety of the medication in younger children isn’t studied.

Is it safe to get a generic version of the drug for kids?

Ideally, generic medications must be fully identical to their branded counterparts. However, they can differ in filler compounds on which the effectiveness, time of action, or safety can depend. But there are reputable manufacturers that observe the strictest production rules and offer cheap medications that are no way inferior to the branded ones. To get high-quality generic to safely use it for your kid, buy generic Strattera from a reliable online drugstore. We recommend you RxShopMD, an internationally-operating pharmacy that sells only qualitative medications at the lowest possible prices.

How is generic Strattera used?

The generic that corresponds by the amount of the active agent in the original pills is taken in absolutely the same manner. You can follow the package insert instructions but it’s always better to consult a doctor, get your condition assessed by a professional and follow their recommendations.

Are there any contraindications for generic Strattera use?

The contraindications for the pills use are the same as for the branded medication. They are:

– Glaucoma;

– Lactation;

– Age under six years;

– Use of MAO inhibitors.

If you take any other medications except for MAO inhibitors when you plan to start using this ADHD drug, you should also consult a doctor first.

Can the formulation cause negative effects?

All medications have a possibility to render not only positive but also negative effects. Atomoxetine can be a cause for the development of:

– Dry mouth;

– Fatigue;

– Nausea;

– Low appetite;

– Constipation;

– Dizziness;

– Increased sweating;

– Decreased urination;

– Sexual dysfunction;

– Low sex drive;

– Growth impairment;

– Increased heartbeat;

– High blood pressure.

If you are predisposed to the development of any of these conditions, the likelihood of their development is increased.