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Which health checkup is good?

Which health checkup is good?

Every person on this earth wants to lead a healthy life. This is because being healthy is very important as it allows us to function normally everyday. Nowadays, there are a lot of methods that can be done to allow us to stay fit and healthy. People that want to achieve a healthy lifestyle can choose to exercise regularly, eat a healthy diet, quit smoking, cut down alcohol intake and also practice relaxation technique. You will surely feel healthy if you do these on a consistent basis. However, taking care of your health is not completed if you did not do a health checkup. What is a health checkup? Health checkup is a process where your doctor checks your overall health condition in order to scan for any diseases that are hidden from your eyes. It is recommended for all people above 18 years old to undergo a health checkup at least once in 5 years’ time. There are a lot of health screening packages available outside there. But, what is the best possible health checkup that you can consider?

The answer is obviously the full body checkup. A full body checkup is considered as the best checkup among all other screening tests available because as the name suggests, it simply checks everything from your head to toe. Usually, this type of checkup is available in most of the hospitals and clinics in most countries. So, all you need to do is to register yourself at these available places and wait for your turn. The price for this checkup will be depending on where you opt to get yourself checked. If you choose to do it at a non-government hospital, the price will be a bit higher. But, the service will be faster and more comfortable. If you choose to do it at any government settings, then the price is cheaper but the waiting time will be usually longer. There are pros and cons and you need to choose which settings are the best for you. After you registered, you will need to undergo several processes during the checkup. This includes:

Initial Consultation

Your doctor will ask you about your overall health condition. He or she might want to tell you about your disease if any, your medication, past medical history, family history and also your lifestyle. From this information, they will get a bigger picture about your current condition.

Vital Signs Check

Secondly, they will ask you to undergo some simple vital signs check. This is to make sure your vital signs are normal. Usually, they will check your temperature, breathing rate, heart rate and also your blood pressure.

Physical Examination

Then, you will need to undergo some physical examinations. The doctor in charge will check some parts of your body and perform a physical examination on your abdomen, heart, lung and vision. If needed, they will also check other places of your body part.

Lab Test

If your doctor thinks that he or she is suspicious of something and wants to make a confirmation, they will do so by doing a medical lab test. They will ask for your body samples if needed. Some common tests that will be done here include full blood test, kidney function test, glucose test and other necessary tests.

Follow up Meeting

If your doctor thinks you are in a good condition, they will just let you go. But, if they need to confirm anything, they will need you to come again next time. So, you will be given a follow-up date to check and confirm any disease inside your body.

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